Monday, June 27, 2005


I'll see you in ... Where?

One day, God was out surveying His realm and he wandered into the North 40. And He saw something that made him Angry: The fence between His property and The Other Guy's had been moved, nearly 100 feet further in!
Oh, He was Mad, and when He looked over the fence he saw The Other Guy watching.
God said majestically, "Move that fence back where it belongs."
TOG just grinned.
God, Fuming, said, "MOVE that FENCE back WHERE it beLONGS!"
The former angel just ... dare we say it? ... thumbed his nose at God!
Oh, God was really Steaming now. He said, gritting His teeth, "You better move that fence or I'll ... I'll ... I'll ..."
And Satan was grinning even more. "You'll what?" he sniggered cockily. "You'll what?"
God managed to snarl, "I'll SUE!"
And the ol' devil just rolled around on the ground, he was laughing so hard. "Where are You gonna get a lawyer?"

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