Tuesday, February 01, 2005



This man walks into a saloon in suburban Zebulon, Georgia, carrying a dog under his arm.
He sits on a stool at the bar, and lays his dog onto the bar.
The bartender, coming over to take his order, notices the little dog doesn't have any legs.
He asks, "What would you like?"
The man asks for two beers, one in a saucer.
The bartender brings them, sets the saucer, without being told, in front of the legless dog.
He stands there, waiting to see if the man starts any conversation. The man doesn't.
B: "Say, that's an interesting looking dog."
M: "Yep."
B: "I see he doesn't have any legs."
M: "Nope."
B: "Uh, what's his name?"
M: "Doesn't have one."
B: "Doesn't have one?"
M: "Nope."
B: "Why not?"
M: "If I called him, he wouldn't come."

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